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Another injustice that could be changed if only you could spare two seconds


My mother requested of me to sign this and I was happy to oblige, then felt sharing it was the right thing to do. You may not know this woman, and there may be other inhumane and severe injustices around this world, but if we treat some of them “small” and “insignificant” as opposed to other’s, that in itself is an injustice. I don’t know about you, but this is ridiculous: life in prison without parole for the “conspiracy to distribute.” This happens all the time, people in prison who do not deserve to be there, especially for as long as they are there in the light of whatsoever crime it may be. The whole system is pretty… incorrect, illogical, immoral and quite literally ridiculous. My mother would be serving a minimum of 5 years right now had a specific law not have been specifically altered at that very specific time. She can also be thrown in for 10 years if something as simple as a bottle of beer is found within the properties vicinity (even if a neighbor threw one haplessly over the fence!) and she just happened to have a very, excuse my language, asshole of a PO (probation officer). She’s told me stories of down syndrome prisoners, or other disabled people she’s met in prison who just absolutely should not be there. Innocent people who were charged wrongly. Guilty people who’ve changed for the best, ready to shine brightly, but with another 15 years left to serve. Over these petty materialistic mistakes they made when they were younger. Everyone deserves a second chance. Everybody, every living thing, deserves to live.Even if this is just one person, it speaks volumes. And if we have a chance to correct an inhumanity, should we not take it up? No matter how small it may seem. Every life is boundlessly important, and that life certainly deserves to experience it’s life to the fullest, regardless of their historical mishaps.